I am Jay Allen. I am the owner of JAMZ creamery in Inglewood. Since opening jams i believe that the community has responded in a touching and loving sort of way you know truly uh people of Inglewood, the community they come and they intentionally support. 

Where did the name JAMZ originate from?

The names JAMZ originated from you know kind of what we expect the music gems you know how we are and where you know that's my jam it's a song we really we like music i like music a lot and you know i thought figured a way that we can incorporate it in what we do

What are some of the most popular flavors at JAMZ?

In terms of ice cream, the customers probably like salted caramel, strawberry cheesecake, and of course your all-time favorite cookies and cream.

Tell us about your signature dessert “The Jazz”! What inspired this dessert? 

The Jazz is our signature item. It's basically an ice cream and cake sandwich. The inspiration i'd say came from; you know everyone loves ice cream and cake so we try and figure out a way that we can bring it together for a kind of a personal dessert where you know you can, you choose the cake you choose the ice cream you choose the topping.

How has incorporating various options like vegan ice cream and sorbet to your menu positively impacted business?

Incorporating dairy free and sorbet, basically non-dairy options here at JAMZ has been a big plus. You know we're in a time now where everybody is trying to live longer, trying to be healthy, and uh we have vegans, we have people that you know –lactose intolerant so it's it's you know 25 of the people that come here they're looking for non-dairy for different various reasons so it's like it's helped us in tremendous ways. We opened originally we didn't have it for maybe the first year and we'd see people walk out the door in addition that you know we see people come in and meet with three or four different people one or two of the three or four left with a sad face, so you know it's just been great you, know it's been great. 

What makes JAMZ Creamery special?

I’d say that james creamery is special is because we are of the community we are the community you know with JAMZ Creamery,  it's not like you know this corporation that kind of doesn't care it doesn't bring to the community, doesn't give back to the community, we are the community. We are the people, period. 

What does the future look like for JAMZ?

The future for JAMZ Creamery looks great! This is California, obviously ice cream is it's a mainstay, it's not going anywhere so i mean to think that the future for ice cream is shady or shaky you –you're dead wrong. I mean ice cream will continue to sell in Nebraska and California and so forth and so on. We're at the point now where we understand the business, we're at the point now where we create our own ice cream, so you know here, there, today, tomorrow JAMZ Creamery will be here.

What advice would you give a young black entrepreneur trying to start a business? 

Most important piece of advice that I'd give to a young black entrepreneur wanting to or beginning to start a business is uh research, research, research, research. Understand the market, understand the business, you can't get enough information on what you want to do. There's no such thing as too much. I think it's important that you have someone that's involved in the business that has the same passion toward the business that you have because doing it alone is uh next to impossible.


Hi, my name is Jay Allen, I'm the proud owner of JAMZ creamery here in Inglewood and I'd like to thank you for supporting us, and continue to Buy Black.