Hi my name is Shanita Nicholas i'm a co-founder of sip and sonder along with

Amanda Jane Thomas. Sip & Sonder is right here in Inglewood, California we're a coffee

house and roaster.



[What inspired you to start a coffee house in Inglewood?]


You know with with the community that we sit with here in Inglewood we actually started as a nonprofit with the LA Black Investors club and we would do programming here and so it's amazing to to still be on on the block on market street providing those uh similar programming and really providing excellent coffee right like our what we

call our golden child and and the coffee it's so important to us to make sure the

product that we serve is excellent because we we know that there's there's that ownership within the space that's beyond us it's ownership of the community that we grew with its ownership of the people that allowed us

to be here. 


[What did you aim to bring to the community with Sip & Sonder?]


so the sourcing of our coffee it's one of my favorite parts because we really get to to look beyond on the locality of just the United States we're really looking across the the black and indigenous diaspora and so those relationships that we get to build the engagement that we have with the farmers is amazing you

know the coffee is picked by black and brown individuals all across the world and we get to be part of that ecosystem and build those relationships



[How does it feel to make an impact on this community with your resources]


you know what started as the LA black investors club has now become the sonder impact a non-profit and we're really looking at twofold there on one side entrepreneurship so a lot of the programming that we were doing under

the la black investors club will continue to do and grow on we've expanded on that to well-being as well and a lot of it was programming that we were already doing um and so it's just a great opportunity for us to expand on that programming and continue to build with the community


[What are some customer favorites here at Sip & Sonder]


yeah so the customers really love um our specialty lattes here i think it kind of spans from some of the traditional um honey lattes and a big one is our honey lavender latte we get really creative with the team we're always innovating and thinking and growing and collaborating both internally with our team itself and then also that relationship symbiotic relationship with everyone that walks through the door and i think with the pandemic it really made us have to innovate and think creatively of okay what do we have here what's our positioning what are we getting to the community and we thought okay well we can get coffee to to homes you know we can get continue to provide that and so it really was um a catalyst for that in-house roasting process for us and so uh you know i think we would have gotten there at some point but it really just made us kind of circle back and think okay how do we keep these stores open how do we keeping for the community and building out our ecosystem here


[What does the future look like for Sip and Sonder]


so the future is bright for Sip and Sonder and we have so many amazing areas and and places to move from i think on the coffee side um just continuing to grow relationships and continuing to have a you know these sources around the world being traceable sustainable and intentional with our coffee growth i'm so lucky to have a business partner like amanda jane who comes from a line of creativity and content so there's just a myriad of things that we get to think about and there's really no no ceiling on it and that's exciting. we got second guessed a lot and we we were often  told you know we won that we were we weren't going to make it that we weren't going to be able to build that this was a cute little hobby that we had the passion and the drive you know we're two corporate trained attorneys even with all of that still having to to prove ourselves along the way that no this is you know we're building a business here we're building something that's going to be great



[Why is it important to support black owned businesses?]


within sip and saunder within Inglewood as a community within the black community generally it's an ecosystem to grow that ecosystem requires capital um it requires continued um servicing um and coming into those businesses and pending money in those businesses telling other people about on those

businesses because that's how the doors stay open and so by actually showing up being at the businesses enjoying excellent products and services you know it's a win-win all around on going forward i just want to say thank you to buy black for representing um across the culture and doing what we do here being for the community and for the culture